Our tailored approach – refined over decades of experience across dozens of investments – methodically focuses on team, strategy, operations and processes. Through this systematic approach we develop a lasting partnership with management, create a clear vision for the future and ensure the appropriate resources are available to execute.


Develop and invest in people, the most critical element in ensuring the success of a business and promoting a culture of excellence and growth.

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Evolve and refine strategies to further differentiate businesses in the marketplace. Through a deep understanding of value chains and competitive dynamics, we help companies expand into new product lines, customer segments and geographies/markets.



Identify and focus on the most meaningful value creation opportunities. Operational levers are tailored to each investment, but often include digitization and data analytics, pricing, salesforce initiatives, production optimization, procurement and high-ROI capital expenditures.

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Apply our systematic approach to investments and portfolio company management. We utilize processes and data analytics to inform decisions throughout the organization, track our progress against value creation opportunities and drive accountability.